I am NOT a freak!
With a little help from my friends

Why Blog?

Over the weekend, I told a few folks about the rebirth of my weblog. Reactions ranged from "cool -- take a look at mine, too!" to "a what?" Some thought I was brave for putting my life out into the public:

16:57] X: impressive
[16:57] X: it's great that you are doing that.
[16:57] Me: are you serious?
[16:57] X: sure
[16:57] X: i think it's amazing
[16:58] Me: not that impressive -- sooooo many people do it
[16:58] X: i couldn't do that
[16:58] Me: why not
[16:58] X: i just don't want to talk about anything with everyone
[16:58] X: putting your whole life out there and such
[16:58] X: couldn't do it

Well -- I will not be "putting my whole life out there." First of all, I am still deciding who to tell about this thing, and lord knows I do NOT want my parents and siblings reading about my sex life or lack thereof. I am pretty sure they don't want to read about it either. Blecch. I will not be sharing my deepest, darkest secrets, fears, and insecurities here. Those will stay buried and repressed where they belong. I will share musings, insights, attempts at wit and humor, and general trials and tribulations of daily life. (I'm still searching for a gimmick -- see earlier post). Until then, I blather and blog away. Enjoy.

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