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Just a few comments on some recent news items.

  • First -- Love, Internet Style, from this Saturday's New York Times. This article rests on the premise that online dating is slowing down courtship in "the Age of the Hook-Up." (Age of the Hook-Up? Why wasn't I notified that we're living in the Age of the Hook-Up?! Damn!) The article goes on to describe how courtship is prolonged through extended emailing, and then somewhat awkward dating. When courtship proceeds at this leisurely pace, folks are less likely to jump into bed. I agree. It seems pretty clear to me, however, that the author of this article has never tried online dating. In the beginning, I played the courtship game -- the endless, witty email banter, then a phone call, and finally, a real live date. On which there were, in all likelihood, zero sparks. After a few rounds of leisurely courtship, I tried to fast-forward the process to real-life speed -- meet the guy as soon as possible. You can tell pretty damn quickly if there's going to be any sort of chemistry. If I met someone at a party, this is the way it would work. There wouldn't be any letter-writing exchange; we'd talk and see if any sparks flew. If they did, great, we'd go out. If not, nice to meet ya. Regardless, I'm giving the online thing a break for the time being. Too many guys, not enough sparks.

  • Second -- the Citizens Budget Commission released a study showing that New York State taxes are the highest in the nation. As far as I'm concerned, sometimes the good stuff is worth a little extra cash.

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