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Search and Ye Shall Find

One of the fun things I've learned about having a blog is that you can get all kinds of stats about how people get to your site. One way is through various searches -- google, yahoo, etc. -- and not just in the U.S., either. People are finding out about me in Australia, France, Canada, Russia, and the UK! Crazy thing, that internet. I wanted to share with you some of the search terms that people are typing into their search engines that bring them to my site, because they really crack me up:

  • scary monsters
  • proscuitto pictures
  • tipping doorman for holidays in NYC
  • slim pickins
  • sweet nicknames
  • nicknames for guys
  • venezuelan food east village NYC
  • riding on the metro
  • dorks unite
  • crazy shit
  • paul prudhomme egg cream
  • turducken washington dc
  • committment-phobic men
  • sushi memo
    Okay, so I'm easily amused . . .

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