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Happy New Year, everyone! I ended 2003 and started 2004 with a bang, and got all dolled up for the big night in a 50's retro pink satin dress with black polka dots and a crinoline. Why the hell not, right? I think it's the first pink item of clothing I have owned since I was about three. Did a bunch of party-hopping, drank way too much champagne, and still feel rather hung over. I will admit, however, that lunch at Sammy's Noodles and dinner at the Corner Bistro did help quite a bit. Nothin' like a little grease to help a hangover. That, and a lot of Advil.

I'm off skiing for the weekend, so no new posts for the next few days. I know -- I can almost feel the disappointment oozing through the internet. I am slowly realizing, though, that my readership is steadily increasing. I think we may be up to about 10! It helps to have a big family. See you next week!

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