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Chili to Warm the Soul

For the past two days I have been trapped working at the Legal Tech show at the Hilton here in NYC. On Monday, having failed in my attempts to have lunch with several friends in the area, I suddenly remembered the article in last week's food section of the New York Times about the new Daisy May's BBQ chili carts, one of which was conveniently located a few blocks away. In fact, it was parked right outside the building where I used to work (I even ran into a former colleague while in line for chili). They only have one type of chili on the menu -- the "bowl o' red," which I got with a dollop of hot sauce and a side of cheddar cheese. Also offered were onions, sour cream, rice and beans, but I settled for just the warm, flour tortilla on the side. I rushed back to my booth and dug in -- this stuff was amazing. Spicy, yet sweet, with a warm, smoky taste. It certainly perked up my mood for the rest of the day. And today, when my tentative lunch plans failed to materialize, I was secretly pleased, because I was able to go back for another bowl . . .

I still haven't made it to Daisy May's proper yet, due to the out-of-my-way location, but may consider gathering a bunch of people together to get some takeout one night -- there's nothing sexier than gnawing on ribs with barbecue sauce dripping down your face, except perhaps eating lobster. What about eating both at the same time?

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