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So Where Should I Go?


I got an email on Friday from a guy who had stumbled across my Daisy May's chili cart review. He was saying that he was going to keep tuning in for more reviews, so here goes another one! Today's review is Great NY Noodletown's salt baked shrimp. Good stuff. Despite the name, I'm pretty sure they're fried, but not greasy in that deep-fried way. They're light and flavorful and yes, they're salty, but they're damn good. When they're back in season, they also make salt baked soft-shell crabs, but I prefer the shrimp. If you don't tend to visit Chinatown that often, you are missing out on some of the city's great treasures. Here are some of my favorites:

  • HSF for dim sum.
  • Pho Bang for Vietnamese Pho
  • Joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings
  • Fuleen Seafood for dungeoness crab
  • Fried Dumpling -- just what the name says. They sell 5 of the most succulent fried pork dumplings for $1. I stumbled across this one with my sister one rainy day. Incredible, and great for a non-profit budget.

    Plus, there are plenty more I haven't made it to yet, including a bakery that's supposed to have fantastic pork buns -- one of my favorites. If you've been there and can report back, let me know. On a side note, I noticed on NYC Eats' posting of Ruth Reichl's 25 favorite restaurants, that she includes Fried Dumpling and Great NY Noodletown on her list. She also includes Pearl Oyster Bar, which as you may recall, won my lobster roll-off. Great minds, and stomachs, think alike!

    *No, not the movie, the neighborhood.

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