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Schadenfreude in TV Land

Now, I'm not a big TV watcher these days. Sure, every now and again I'll flip on the tube for a little while, but I'm usually doing just that -- flipping. Maybe I'll stumble upon a good movie, watch something on the Food Network, or even succumb to the guilty pleasures of MTV reality-show trash. But recently, I have stumbled upon a great show -- Significant Others, on Bravo. I almost wrote about it yesterday, but then thought to myself, Laren, why the hell are you plugging a TV show? On the subway this morning, I was reading my New Yorker that arrived yesterday, and they reviewed the show. They seem to love it as much as I do. That's it -- I'm plugging the show.

The show centers around three (now four) couples in various stages of marriage who have entered couples therapy. It is split between their time in the therapist's office and clips of their daily lives -- the things that are actually driving them to therapy. Why do I like this show so much? Aside from the brilliant, improv comedy and amazing talent, I'm pretty sure it's schadenfreude. Maybe it's the reminder that couplehood can be just as painful as singledom. I definitely love the theme song (a speed-rock version of the Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You"). Then again, maybe it's just because it makes me laugh out loud -- for those who have heard me laugh, you realize how loud this can actually be. Who knows? Just go watch it tonight at 9:30. It's hysterical.


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