Picks in the 'Hood, Round 1
Easily Amused

What About Me?

I Am Woman, Hear Me Blog highlights ten female bloggers in New York City. Guess I haven't hit the big time quite yet. Oh well! But -- I will agree with my sisters on one point in the article: "Almost all those women interviewed said blogging facilitates social interactions with readers and other bloggers at local gatherings of online writers." Well -- I haven't been to a "local gathering of online writers," but I have met a bunch of great people through my blog so far. By "met," I really mean "emailed with" (for the most part), with the exception of Erika, Adam, Kevin, Hugh, and soon, Hilary.

And an interesting counterpoint -- Blogging Off, where the author has determined that blogs are ruining, rather than enhancing, her social life.

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