Yet Another Victim of the Anti-Carb Phenomenon

My Love Life (or Lack Thereof) for Your Entertainment -- An Update

Earlier this week, I impulsively signed up for the NY Post's Dating Game. Why? Not sure, really. At the time, my thought process was more like, "why the hell not?" I was scheduled to go in for my headshot today, but have since thought of several reasons not to go. As my dad said, it seems a little too public (and as my mom said, "oy"). I told some work colleagues about it and got a similar reaction -- I am well-known in my professional community, and people know what I look like, so they would recognize me if they saw me in the paper, and would get a chance to read about my personal life. I seriously doubt that participating in the column would do much for my dating life except increase the possibility of a free dinner, and I don't think it would bolster my professional image in any way, shape, or form. I have only told a few professional colleagues about this blog, and, in keeping with my general guidelines on subject matter of my blog, I have never written anything in it that I wouldn't be relatively comfortable telling them about in person. Not so with a review of a date, half of which would have been beyond my control to edit. And finally, the gentleman from the Post who called to schedule my headshot was the co-author of the article about what to wear on a date which I recently characterized as "useless drivel." Not a good sign. So -- I have decided to bail.

In other news, I'm off to Maine for my baby brother's college graduation. He's the last of the three of us to finish up, and he'll be joining me in NYC for at least a few years, which will be a great addition to the mix. This is, of course, assuming I'm still around . . .

Have a great weekend!

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